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Medicine Buddha Healing Meditation

Medicine Buddha Healing Meditation


The Medicine Buddha Healing Ritual is an ancient practice to channel Divine Healing energies from the higher realms. It has been practiced by Tibetan monks and spiritual aspirants from different traditions, not just Buddhists, for thousands of years.

Through this ancient method of visualization and contemplation, we can purify our mind, speech and actions of any unwholesome tendencies.

You will be guided in a special version of this ancient ritual that involves the awakening of your spiritual potential as well as invoking healing energies for your physical body.

The Medicine Buddha meditation is a healing practice treasured by many in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Mahayana, or ‘Great Vehicle,' is one of the major branches of Buddhism, from there it further specializes into the Tibetan Tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism.

This Mantra, translated from Tibetan, means “Homage to the Medicine Buddha, The Master of Healing, radiant like lapis lazuli, like a king. The one thus-come, the worthy one, the fully and perfectly awakened one, hail to the healing, the healing, the healer. So be it."

Practice this meditation three times a week to experience clarity and inner peace. If you are having health and emotional challenges, this can be practiced everyday while intending for the healing force to correct any energetic imbalances.

This is an audio download only. There is no physical cd.

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