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About Pranic Healing

Introduced to the world in a book entitled “The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing,” written by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in 1987, this therapy is strictly energy-based with no touching involved. What this means is that all healing sessions can be performed remotely while you remain in the comfort of your own home.

Pranic Healing comes from two words: Prana, which means vital energy, and healing. Pranic Healing is a no-touch, no-drug complementary therapy system that uses prana to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. Pranic Healing is highly systematic and scientific-based, which distinguishes it from other healing modalities.

Prana is the vital energy or life force that keeps the body healthy and alive. In Chinese it is called Chi, in Japanese Ki and in Sanskrit Prana. There are 3 main sources of Prana: the air, the sun and the ground.

The physical body is basically composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible physical body that is also known as the energy body, etheric body, bioplasmic body or the aura. These two bodies are basically interconnected; it means what affects one, affects the other. Hence healing the energy body and the chakras has substantial relief on the physical body.


My Approach

These sessions allow the client to go deep into their conscious and unconscious landscape. Pranic healing is all about using the body's life force to heal the body energy. This therapy works specifically on the energy of the body or aura of a person or animal. In this therapy, energy is used to clean the toxic from the body, thus accelerating the healing physical process. Pranic Healing involves scanning the human aura to detect the imbalances of energies, known as energetic congestion and depletion. Cleansing techniques are used to remove negative energy and to loosen up stuck energies. Energizing techniques are used to improve the flow of energy and strengthen the aura and the chakras. Once the aura and chakras are balanced, clean and strong, the health of the body improves and deep healing can occur. As an energetic practitioner, I have seen these healings affect great change in the client birthing rapid transformation. 

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