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My Review of Dr. Joe Dispenza's Week Long Retreat in San Diego, California.

Updated: May 26

I attended a life changing week-long meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in San Diego, California.  It was one of the things I have been wanting to do for quite a while. 

I started to meditate daily a several years ago using his techniques. It seemed to really help my energy levels, every day stress and help to put my life in balance. Feeling some relief from the stressors of life, I was motivated to go to one of his retreats.

I found out about Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself from a friend.  Back in 2019, I brought the book with me to read on vacation. While on the flight I looked over across the aisle and saw someone else reading the same book which I found to be a serendipitous moment. Once we got out to the ride pickup area I saw a man holding a sign that said Dr. Joe Dispenza. It literally felt like a sign from the universe that I was supposed to go to one of his retreats at some point. 

Motivated by all of this, I saw Dr. Joe Dispenza was having a week-long retreat in San Diego, CA. So, I was on my computer registering the minute registration opened. This is a key tip if you want to go to one of his retreats because they completely sell out within minutes.

Dr. Joe’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, is one of my favorite books. I have long been a fan of esoteric principles and I love how he uses quantum physics to explain how the “woo” works.  To my analytical brain, which is endlessly curious and asking why, it really resonated with me. If you are into this, do not fear he explains things well and in a logical order. In order not to be lost at the week long retreat, you should be familiar with the foundational concepts in his work. You can learn this by reading his books or taking his intensive and progressive courses.

After devouring his book I purchased his intensive and progressive course bundle and worked on those during the next year.

I was both excited and a bit nervous to go to the retreat.  Excited because I love to learn, and Dr. Joe is a phenomenal lecturer. His passion and his ability to explain complex topics of quantum physics sprinkled in with some humor make him a pleasure to listen to. He is an incredible speaker as he lectured to us for 2-3 hour stretches not once looking at notes or outlines it just poured out of him which is a testament to his knowledge, passion, and expertise on the subject.

The nerves came because the longest meditation I had done prior to this retreat was 1hr in length. At the retreat, we did various lengths of meditations, the longest one, the pineal meditation, lasted 4 ½ hours and started at 4am. I felt like this was really an opportunity to learn from someone I admire, and to push myself to grow.

The retreat was well organized and staffed. Dr. Joe keeps you busy as most days start around 6am and end about 8pm. Breakfast and lunch were provided buffet style each day and were delicious. It gives you an opportunity to meet like minded people and discuss your experience. 

During the retreat we did several types of guided meditations; seated, lying down, standing and walking. I especially loved the walking meditations, which were made even more incredible being on the most beautiful soft sand beach in front of the JW Marriot. Being surrounded by 1500 other people all standing with their eyes closed and hearts open with the intention to open their heart and bring forth love and positive change in themselves and the world, well needless to say it’s quite a powerful sight and experience to partake in.

After standing meditating on the beach with the sea air blowing gently against you and the sun is rising, we start walking as our new self. I left a version of me behind on that beach. The old version of me that I no longer wanted to be and the qualities that didn't serve me any longer. I stepped into my new self and walked with that energy, with that intention and with an open heart. 

One thing I was really impressed by was the amount of research they have done on meditation. Everything from studying it’s effects on the microbiome and even the benefits for those with cancer. There were several sessions focused on research and the beneficial effects of just the 7 days of meditation will blow your mind. I think it goes go show how powerful the human mind and body can be and respond to new intentions to create a whole new you mind and body. 

Tips if you are attending a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat:

  • Note the day and time of the opening registration in you calendar and set an alert to register the moment it opens up.

  • Get on the waitlist ASAP if you want to go to one that is sold out

  • Book the hotel room ASAP for the block that they have reserved for your retreat. I waited 1 day so I could figure out flights and the entire hotel was sold out. I did ask the Marriott employee what would be a close property to them and she was great about giving me a recommendation for an Air B and B place close by. Things to bring: 

  • Eye mask/shade

  • Pack layers as it’s very cold in the meditation rooms

  • Blanket

  • Small pillow

  • Yoga mat to lay on

  • Headphones for the walking meditations 

  • A journal and pen to take notes

  • An open mind and heart

I get asked how did this change you?  

Well, the retreat in itself was an experience that is hard to describe.   

I guess I would say it sort of gives you reset, you leave feeling whole. You feel like you are able to let go of the version of you that you came as, your story, your frustrations, hopelessness and leave with a new mindset, new energy and new friends. Most importantly, you have a new vision of what’s possible and power to create whatever you desire in your future. You become the next version of you, someone who is present and future focused, who has taken it upon them to create and be the change needed in their life and the world.  

Having read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself four times, I can tell you different parts have resonated with me each time. Although I have only been to this one retreat, I found myself quickly understanding why 50% of the attendees were return attendees.  I met one woman who had been to eight of his events. Just like reading his book many times, you continue to take away new insights from the lecture content as you evolve and the information becomes relevant to a new version of you. Your skill at meditation builds upon itself making it easier to get in the zone and get the beneficial effects quicker.  I believe each time you go, you level up to another future version of you that would take much longer to become on your own, accelerating your growth. 

Would I go again?…… A better question is: When will I go again? :) 

I can see something like this being very beneficial to do every 6 months or so. I am watching their Fall retreat schedule hoping something will be posted that I can attend.  

Dr. Joe also offers an Advanced Follow up retreat. It’s 3 ½ days long and focuses more on meditation. The teaching element of the Advanced Follow up is theme specific and designed for those who already have a solid understanding of the basis of quantum physics and meditation.  It is a great chance for experienced meditators to take their mediation to the next level as well as to get recharged and re-energized with the retreat.

 Who this Week-long Advanced Retreat IS for: 

  • Someone who wants to further their understanding of the science of meditation and manifestation.

  • Someone who is ready to take their life, their health, their happiness, their results and their future into their hands and own the responsibility to make the life you desire a reality.

  • Someone who likes to learn and wants to grow their meditation skills

  • Those who are open minded or growth minded.

  • Those who love personal development, transformation and community building.

Who this NOT for:

  • Someone who has not read his books or taken the introductory courses online or in person. (Purchasing the week long advanced retreat gave you access to the intensive and progressive courses online. You were expected to watch them prior to coming and had access for 30 days after the retreat)

  • Someone who does not like to be around a lot of people.  It was quite crowded in the hall where the lectures and meditations were. This was the only thing that I would love to see change is more room to spread out. 

  • Someone with a closed mindset.

So in short, I would absolutely recommend this week long Advanced retreat by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The experience has only furthered my admiration of his work and deepened my commitment to meditating every day, keeping an open heart and committing to creating a life I love. I feel unlimited.

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